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A story of encouragement for moms of boys

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I think this is as much of a testament to his loving Mama as it is to this wonderful young man!


YOU have been on this board for years.


YOU raised six (swooning here at simply the idea) yes, six boys.


YOU never quit or even slightly gave up on any of them.


Kinsa, YOU have 'rocked' for years!


Way to go, Mama!


:party:  :party:

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My son turns 19 in a few weeks and we have been in awe of the changes.  He has some other special needs and challenges too.  


He still has a 4.0 for 2 CC semesters, has a goal in mind, and is realizing just how smart he is.  


He probably will never rock any SATs, and he may never finish a 4 year degree (although he is shocking us, so who knows!), but we are so thrilled to see the changes in him and the obstacles he has overcome.


So, YES, be encouraged!

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I agree that this is a wonderful testament to a mother's patience and never giving up on a challenging ball of energy. Yay that the ball of energy has succeeded in channeling the energy into his studies!!


I have a few "balls of energy" as well. I need the encouragement to keep supporting them. Thanks!  Hopefully you didn't get too many grey hairs or bald spots from pulling your hair out. ;)

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How do you get him to stop body slamming/tackling/head butting people?! My son is only four, but he seems to me to be remarkably strong for his age. Sometimes I think what he really needs is a big brother to just sit on him or something.

Well, our solution was to get this child active. Every day before starting schoolwork, I would make him RUN around our block. And lots of time outside. One week I gave him a shovel and let him dig up our yard (in which he "discovered" a buried treasure in our yard which turned out to be the septic tank -- lol) In middle school, we got him into football (and he continued in it through high school) . He was also active in Boy Scouts, and fortunately our troop was heavily into hiking and camping. He just really needed a physical outlet EVERY DAY. And I don't know if you can see my signature or not, but this boy is pursuing a degree in Recreation Management, which is right up his alley. I've no doubt he'll be successful in it.

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Thank you, Karen.


I never worry about DS getting into college someday, only that he needs to not be in jail when it's time for the admissions process.... (Literally just heard him tell DH, as I'm typing this, that he wants a cannon. :glare: )



Thank you, and congratulations to both of you!

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Thank you for the wonderful post.


I guess all us Moms of boys should be encouraged by the original post and the fact that so many of us needed to hear this.


When we feel alone and as if our children are wayward maybe, just maybe, it is part of growing up.


It is all part of the process.

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