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cheap options for ds who loved r&s preschool books

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My ds5 is just about finished all the r&s preschool books and I'm wondering how to keep him busy after he's done. He does several pages a day. I'm using alphaphonics and mep y1 with him acouple of days per week but he's just not ready for me to pick up the pace nor do I have time for that just yet. I think he really likes that he can do the workbooks independently and that there is enough variety in the activities.


Any cheap options that would fit?

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Complete Book of Grade K

BrainQuest: Kindergarten

Kumon workbooks

Highlights Puzzlemania: Amazing Mazes

Highlights: Hidden Picture Puzzles

Dot to Dot books (alphabet and number versions available)

Paint with Water books, Painting/Coloring books with built in paint palette

Creating Line Designs, book 1 (gr. K-2)

Math Discoveries with Pattern Blocks, Geoboards



coloring pages

cut/paste pages


very simple word searches

very simple sudoku and ken-ken puzzles

pattern block activity pages

geoboard activity pages

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