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Any experience with DE online classes through LeTourneau?

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I'm starting my planning for 11th grade and considering the new world (to us) of dual enrollment. Most HSers around here use the community college for DE but neither DS nor I were overly excited about it. I decided to start some more serious college research to check on the transferability of credits. LeTourneau quickly came to the top of the list and I was surprised to see they offered online DE high school classes. I've never heard them mentioned here and just thought I'd check to see if anyone has done them.


The prices seem decent and the DE classes make you eligible for a pretty substantial scholarship at LETU. 







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Things might have changed, but for 2014 applications we ran across some colleges that stated they would not grant credit for online courses or courses taught on high school campuses. I would recommend reading through policies at schools your child might be considering and see if they make any type of distinction for online courses.

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On the birthday thing...my CC also requires 16 and 11th grade-for DE. They have no such restrictions on just taking classes-only that the grades/transcript show proof of prerequisites. DD12's first day of classes is Weds :)


Unfortunately, our CC requires 16 to take classes, online or in person.  No students under 16 under any circumstances.  :thumbdown:


Programs like LT's are sometimes the only options out there...

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Kinsa and importswim, I would love to hear more about the experiences with LETU!


We've been really pleased with our choice of using LETU for this particular son.  We knew he needed a small, Christian school with a concentration on the sciences, and this one fit the bill perfectly.  There has been a lot of individual attention given to our son, and the instructors are all professing Christians who live out their faith in all aspects of life.  The school has the feel of "Big Bang Theory visits Texas" (LOL).  Our son really loves it there.


Here's  a good promo video that I think really captures the essence of the school:



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