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Self-employment and free online tax software

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I've been self-employed for the past few years, and every single time tax season rolls around I have a hard time finding a free online tax software which includes the 1099-misc.


I believe last year I used HR Block, and the year prior it was TurboTax. However, every year it changes as to which software offers the free self-employed federal return for married couples within the income threshold.


If you're self-employed and filing online, what software are you using? Is it free?



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I have used TaxAct for many, many years (preferred it over Turbo Tax) and have been self-employed for at least eight years.  I can enter 1099 information within it.  I don't know if there's a totally free version, but I have several forms that I have to file and last year I paid $9.99.  Well worth it, in my opinion. 

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FreeTaxUSA.com    https://www.freetaxusa.com/   I used them for my 2015 Federal Tax Return and I plan to use them for my 2016 return. Previously, I'd used TaxACT, for a number of years (Free and then Premium service) but they raised the cost of the Premium service so much, for the 2015 return, that I searched and found FreeTaxUSA.com    You can file returns that are far more complex than just including a Schedule C with them, for Free.  If you live in a state that has a state income tax, there is an additional charge of USD$12.95 for that.

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 For years, I used TaxAct.   Now, looking at their home page, only a very simple return is free. I used the Free TaxAct service for a number of years. Then, I upgraded to the Premium service and I think it was 8 to 12 dollars extra. Now, the Federal return I file would be USD $30.  In June 2016, when I went to TaxAct to do my 2015 return (we are overseas and have an Automatic Extension because of that), I discovered that TaxAct had increased their fee for the Premium service, so much, that I looked elsewhere and found and used https://www.freetaxusa.com/ which was Free for my Federal return with a Schedule C.


 I plan to use https://www.freetaxusa.com/ for my 2016 return when I file it.  If I assume, which I try not to do, I assume that another company bought TaxAct and they raised the fees TaxAct charges, substantially. However, even with the new fees, TaxAct is probably FAR less than TurboTax (which I would never use,,because of their Security problems and their high fees), H&R Block, etc. 




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