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Who's going to tackle Thursday with me?

Jean in Newcastle

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Potentially long work day depending on morning client keeping appointment or not. Yay - no rain today...but more to come tomorrow to continue flooding


  • Send off reports before leaving for work
  • Take dog for a walk
  • Thaw something out for dinner
  • Schedule chiro appt or wait a little?
  • Checking road conditions ad nauseam to avoid flooded streets
  • Write day's reports in evening
  • Have BIG cup of hot tea when back home
  • Praise God - we have not lost power and are fat and sassy in a warm house
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Swimming lessons. It only goes for a week, but takes up all morning and a bit of the afternoon


Tidy up house


Still separating new arrival from twins for most of the day. It is working in that there is peace in the house, twins are able to play safely without being bullied or manipulated, and older two are able to cope better. Down side is that new arrival is miserable. But he is miserable either way. It is so so hard. I don't know what to do.......

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Get things on proper trajectory before I leave for Latin co-op class

Teach Latin

Lead certamen practice during lunch hour

Drive home and take 18 yo to his first English Composition class at CC this semester

While I am gone 15 yo has 1st on line History of Drama class

p/u 18 yo

dinner?  No clue - also must remember to buy pet food while I am out!

Tonight is first night of City of God on line reading group on twitter.  Looking forward to that!

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I got back from TN and keeping my nephew yesterday. I have been getting a slight cold but don't have fever or anything.



breakfast and lunch for dh

fed cats



To Do:


take ds to Spanish

other school: piano, math, science


piano lesson

tidy house


take ds basketball practice (walk while there if I feel like it)


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More freezing rain last night, ugh! Now it's snowing, which I will take any day over ice.


Already done:

•fed animals

•1 load laundry

•tidied up main floor

•cleaned 1 bathroom

•took out garbage


To do:

•lots of school

•go through Amazon subscribe & save list

•continue working on pantry organization project

•grocery shopping, pick up prescription, bank, post office, bookstore

•pick up takeout for dinner


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Need to prepare for a conference call today :ohmy: and hope nothing goes wrong like it has 2 of the 3 mornings this week.  Still waiting for my motivation to kick in to do about 100 year-end reports in the next couple weeks while keeping up with everything else.

  • Kids off to school bus on time.  [done]
  • Work and exercise.
  • A little reading.
  • A little housework.
  • Pick up kids at school & drive them to book club.
  • Kid needs to finish derby car.
  • Kid homework.
  • AHG.
  • Read-aloud.
  • Kids to bed.
  • Work.
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Blew off a big chunk of school yesterday as we were invited to play pinochle with Great Grandpa. (What crazy person turns that down?!)



School this AM

Lab at the school with owl pellets for the middles

Library for the shorties

Spanish & Bio class for DD14


Busy school day with driving today :D



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-dinner:plan to make grilled cheese or pancakes (since I made the awesomeness of my meatloaf, homemade mashed potatoes yesterday. Everyone kept thanking me which was nice, lol)

-bake ??

-must vacuum downstairs

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I'm annoyed.  I was all ready for my 12pm conference call, and at 12:02 the other party called to postpone it to 3:30.  If you knew how much it takes to build myself up for a conference call, you would never do that.  :P  Also, 3:30 is a bad time - at best I will be in the car outside the library.  (Wouldn't you know this is the one day of the month that I have to be somewhere for my kids before the end of the work day.)  They offered to postpone it to tomorrow, but that would be worse.  They also clarified the purpose of the call, and I'm hoping my super rare accounting mistake, which happens to have occurred on this particular transaction & which I caught in a later quarter, doesn't muddy things up ....

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Crazy morning. Dropped ds off at college, drove home. In 16 minutes (six more than I really had available) I fed and medicated and pottied two dogs and a cat. And made my bed. And made and ate breakfast. And got an appointment for ds at the doctor. Drove like a madwoman to pick ds up again from college and am now at the doctor's office with him. Where I finally get to catch my breath.



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Round two of craziness:


Dropped ds off at home after doctor. Went to pharmacy. Waited for them to get together his four prescriptions. Got one substituted to a cheaper one. Got some chocolate as a prescription for me while I was at it. Finally got to see dd at noon! Ds has his first meds on board. Now for lunch before I tackle a topsy turvy house and start grading dd's work.



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It's almost school pick up time and I'm sitting here with my hair in a towel... gotta get going!  (I would like to mention that I worked out, and went to Sams and Walmart this morning, so not a total waste of a day...)


right now:

dry hair - straighten, put on a little make up

empty dishwasher, reload


general tidy up

bathroom clean up



pick up ds and take him to get a snack, then return him to school for late basketball practice

get home before violin student, violin lesson

pick up dd from cheer practice

pick up ds from bball

shoe store

eat out for dinner



go to bed early

don't forget to floss and read scriptures

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Well I had that conference call in the car.  It started while I was still driving because my bratty kids weren't ready when I came to pick them up.  Their ears are probably still ringing from my commentary on that.


It was not a great call.  It took me a while to understand what they were talking about.  But I got through it.  I will follow up with a written analysis, which is my strong suit.  :)


Now to go get my ragamuffins from the library, and go home and finish that Pinewood Derby car....

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Basketball and swimming done

Schooling done



Went to grocer, returned broken mixer that I bought as a frugal replacement for the fancy one that broke while making daughters graduation cake. It broke while I cooking for new year party. Refuse to buy another. Staying off the mixers for awhile


Still didn't vacuum


Really only going to make grilled cheese for dinner. They got veggies in fridge.



But I did buy ice cream

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