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Who's going to tackle Wednesday with me?

Jean in Newcastle

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pharmacy?  They called saying that something is ready but I don't remember calling in a prescription.  But I have one that I need to fill.  Did I already call on that?  Not more pill confusion!  (I normally have all of this all sorted out, honest!)




too tired to think of more.  laundry - there is always laundry


oh - and I need to answer an email.

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  • Amazon shopping in the wee hours. [done]

Get up early to get some work out.  [nope]

Prepare some school payments.  [nope]

Pack kids' gym suit stuff.  [done]

Kids off to school.  [done - on time for the bus, finally!]

Change out pet bedding.  [done]

Clean half of the garage.  [done]

Take out the garbage.  [done]

More work.  Lots of it.

Finish the laundry [done].

A little housework, reading, exercise.

Kids need to paint their Pinewood Derby cars.

Kids' homework.

Kid to gymnastics.


Kids to bed.

AHG newsletter, if anyone sends me anything.  (Kinda hope not.)


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Didn't get a lot done yesterday . . . 



Breakfast school with kids

Latin prep for class tomorrow

Tidy up

15 yo to math tutor

18 yo to cc bookstore to get books

roast chicken tonight (didn't get it out of freezer in time yesterday!)

Evening stuff:  Latin with teens, finish prepping, reading

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•fed dogs & cats

•1 load laundry

•fed horses

•tidied up hay shed

•filled bird feeders

•cleaned main floor bathroom


To do:


•pay bills

•menu plan & make grocery list

•work on tidying up messy pantry

•clean stalls

•kids Model UN

•DD violin lesson

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Good morning! Busy day here. Ds1's wisdom teeth appointment was cancelled yesterday because the anesthesiologist was stuck on the Western Slope (1-70 closed! For avalanches!). So, I have a lot to do before I leave tomorrow :willy_nilly: And the dishwasher was more expensive to fix than replace (awesome...) so yeah.


To do:


general pickup

kitchen clean up

grocery store (snacks for travel meet, something for dinner)


get rides/kids sorted for meet

figure out airport parking for me

Write out schedule for dh



PM practice/aikido


Have a great day!

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lunches made and kids out the door

ds to early basketball practice

me to gym

tidy up

9am meeting

work on mitten pattern

roast in

11:30 computer class (or is it 11? check the scrap of paper in my purse where I wrote it down)

pick up patches from scout store

1pm pick up ds

shoe shopping (not today)

ds' friends over - tidy up upstairs for them

dinner - roast

church night

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Well ... another day not starting exactly as planned.


I did feel pretty good about the kids getting out on time with all the stuff they needed, getting a ton of garbage out, and clearing a few areas of the house.  Got a little work done and was settling down with my morning coffee.


Then we smelled something burning in the laundry room as my last load was drying.  I investigated and I'm pretty sure it was the screen on the outside vent, which was jammed full of lint (never used to have a screen there - I guess the construction guys put that there to discourage critters from climbing in that way).  So I cleaned that and resumed drying my clothes - until the power went out.  Given the afore-mentioned smell, I wondered if I'd burned something up in the wiring and went to investigate that.  But no, apparently there are widespread power outages here, and we just have to wait until they fix it.  I took a shower / hair wash in the dark in case I have to go somewhere else to work.


My computer is about at 50% and I'm using the hotspot on my phone, which uses battery fast.  Not sure whether I can go to the library to work or not (I don't know if they have power).  Might get stuck going to our office, which I don't like doing for various reasons.  :/  Oh well, on the bright side, I finished my shower and my laundry.  Could be worse.  :P

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One load of laundry dealt with.


Picked ds up from college.


Went to pharmacy and this is just weird. One of my specialists called in a prescription for a condition that he doesn't even treat. I can use it but... why? And how? It's not like we had discussed it and I had asked him to do this.



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one load put in washer (probably done by now)


One load brought upstairs to fold and put away


algebra graded


the big algebra problem that we couldn't figure out on Monday has been finally figured out.  It was so poorly worded that I had to work from the answer backwards to find out what they wanted us to do.


logic graded


helped dd in biology


planned Japanese and added a few visuals


helping dd with grammar



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