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Wilmington NC WTM-based/classical (not CC) and diverse homeschoolers? (x-post)

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Hi all,


I know I could post in the other forum (I forget what it's called) to try this, but it doesn't get much action.


I wonder if there are WTM-style and diverse homeschoolers in the Wilmington NC area?  My sister is there with her adopted, five-year old, racially-not-same-as-her, special needs twins (boy/girl), and has vaguely considered homeschooling in the past, but is reluctant because she thinks she won't know what to do and is not terribly interested.  They are in full-day Kindergarten, and both received letters today saying they need extra tutoring twice a week and would end up being in school NINE hours a day for those days!!  She wanted to know what I thought about that (because I've homeschooled both of mine all along, and because I teach lots of kids after school how to read/write/spell because the schools around here don't).  HA, I may have given her my strong opinion about five year olds having to be in school for nine hours twice a week, lol!


I am hoping to find some people/support groups in her area who do not require adhering to statements of faith, who are culturally and religiously diverse, who believe teaching academic skills is important, who aren't going to tell her she should join co-ops/Classical Conversations/etc., who have experience in working with "learning challenged" kids (her kids are quite able to learn - they just need teaching tailored to them and a few other adjustments), and who welcome casual get-togethers with kids and possibly Mom-get-togethers.


I looked into some homeschool conferences in the NC region.  I can't picture her going to any of these without being totally overwhelmed by the culture of it all.  But a small group of people to talk about all the ins and outs with might work.


Thanks for any info. you can give me!

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