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Spell to Write and Read


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Anyone out there doing SWR?? We are in our semi-2nd year! I just attended a Basic Seminar and it was awesome!! So helpful!!


Now we will get all the nuts and bolts and take off!!


Blessings, Donna:auto:


I am happily using it, too. I bought both WRTR and SWR, and since there was an SWR seminar in my area I went with SWR and attended it.


We are happy with SWR. The seminar probably wasn't necessary, but it was a confidence booster... ;)


I still have WRTR and use it as a reference guide occasionally.

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I use it with my 2nd grade dd. I keep trying to leave it but keep coming back. :lol: I have no idea why that is! I love everything about it. I guess I just feel like I may miss something important if I don't do it exactly as written. I'm still working on making it my own. I think the main thing that keeps me around is that I taught dd to read with it and I have another child I will do the same with. I never would have thought to teach all sounds from the beginning without SWR. It does make a huge difference, in my opinion.


I actually find myself from time to time taking my manuals outside for reading material while the kids play. Weird huh? In fact, I think I'll do that tonight while dh watches tv! I learn something everytime I look through SWR.



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ok...I'm an attempting SWR user. There was suppose to be a workshop/class in my area, but nothing came of it.:confused:


I have no idea where to begin. I've read through the material and still lack the concrete basics to begin (journal, etc...) So, right now, I'm just dictating and having them write the words on paper. ???????


Can someone give me the simple beginnings? :bigear:


Thanks everyone!

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I have thoroughly enjoyed the program for 3 years and my children are thriving. This is my first year with dd but she loves the program just as much as my ds. It was bumpy adding a second student this year. Thanks to message boards and friends, SWR time is smoother now.

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I use it with my 2nd grade dd. I keep trying to leave it but keep coming back. :lol:




I'm always secretly wishing for an independent, workbook based program. And maybe one that doesn't require so much thought - hmmmmm.... maybe that's why I never fully leave SWR - I know that ds needs to think through the spelling rather than just copy words over several times in various workbook assignments. Anyway, I've struggled over and over with how to implement and finally just ignore the enrichments because I don't like them a whole lot. Depending on what else we're doing for writing at the time, I sometimes dictate sentences (my own, or from a different resource).


I think it does take awhile to put your own spin on it. But no matter how you use it (by the book, or tweaked a great deal), I think it's a good approach.

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