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Books -- the Itch series

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Hi all! I know I read several posters recommended the book Itch: The Explosive Adventures of an Element Hunter for an extra (fun) read-aloud that brought in some fun stuff involving Chemistry. To those who made the recommendation, THANK YOU so much! My boys (age 11) and I enjoyed the first book so much, we got the second one to read as well. That was just as good and they wanted to read the 3rd and final book in the series. My library didn't have a copy, so I ordered it on Amazon and gave it to one of my sons for Christmas. We started reading it that night -- LOL. They were all so good -- I even read the last 7 chapters out loud in one day to finish the final book. We all wanted to know what happened!


One of my boys liked the 3rd book the best! I think the 1st and 3rd are better than the 2nd, but they are all good.


Some of the details in the book were kind of gross (a lot of blood and vomiting) and a LOT of violence, but my boys handled it all really well. For my one son, that does not have a love of reading, has said this is his favorite series after Harry Potter. It took second place from The Mysterious Benedict Society series :-).


Anyway, thanks again!


P.S. Not sure why I can't access the italics, bolding, or underlining functions on my posts -- LOL.

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My middle school pair loved Itch last year!


The series by Stephen and Lucy Hawking might go over well next. George and the Unbreakable Code or something like that (that may not be the first one).


Thanks for the recommendation.  I've just ordered these from the library!

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