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Update on my dog


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I simply can't find my thread about my dog that started bleeding Friday night.  Thanks for all of the help, though.  Braved the icy roads for the vet this morning, and she stayed for surgery.  It might just be a wart, but more likely a recurrence of the skin cancer, so they are knocking her out to get clean margins on removal :-(


We kept it wrapped in bandages and the Spanx all weekend, but once the vet cleaned it, it would not stop bleeding.  It was cauterize (which means we can't biopsy) or just do the surgery.


Going to be a pins and needles day here.

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It didn't disappear.  It was just back on page six or so.  This board moves fast.  http://forums.welltrainedmind.com/topic/634012-how-to-stop-bleeding-in-dog/


Thanks!  I didn't go page by page that far.  I searched for it using the box at the top here since I knew the thread title.  Since it didn't show up, I used google to search this site and still couldn't find it.  I think I need to start book-marking all of my threads, because I never seem to be able to find them except the page by page method.

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