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looking for a fit bit....sort of...


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I would like to find a reliable digital pedometer without having to sync it to any smart phone or computer.  I do not have the desire to have all of my information stored on some "data base" some where....but I do have the desire to monitor my steps. I would prefer one that wears like a watch, not one for your pocket.  I found one, but it got so-so reviews on Amazon and it uses only military time on the clock feature.  


Do I HAVE to sync a fit bit to a smart phone, or can it work without doing that?  I know nothing about these gadgets... they just intrigue me.  


Tell me what my options might be.  

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As Laura said, no you don't have to sync a Fitbit. But do remember that it resets at midnight and w/o syncing you won't have any way to go back and see the preceding day's data or to review any past data. You'll only be able to see the current data as of the moment you look at it. This is the current information I can see when I scroll through my Fitbit Charge HR (by repeatedly pushing the button on the side):


Current time

Number of steps I've walked so far today

Current heart rate

Total distance I've walked so far today

Estimate of total calories burned so far today

Flights of stairs climbed

Silent alarms I have set

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But one thing is that you need the app to get the software updates for the fitbit right?  I am lazy about syncing mine and my phone doesn't have a data plan (it connects to wireless) so syncing doesn't always happen.  I have had problems when I've gone for a long time without syncing. 


I'd look at something cheaper and lower tech and try that if you really don't want the online account.  Something along these lines ...


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