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I'm looking for something for my will-be 8th grader. We did FLL 1-4 then moved from there to Analytical Grammar, which we're finishing up this year (season 3). And we loved it. Me more than him with all the diagramming, lol. So I feel like he's got a good handle on grammar basics.


But some things we've either not covered at all, or he's forgotten/I've forgotten we covered: tricky words (affect/effect), things like subject/verb agreement, etc. Is there a resource aimed at this age that would catch things like that? I don't mind review of basics, too, since we can kind of speed through those. I'm sure I could find individual lessons online and I have a whole shelf of grammar reference and style guides (I used to be a writer), but our life is such that right now, I'd just like to buy a book that's organized into obvious lessons that he can largely do on his own. And that doesn't cost a ton.


I'm sure such a thing exists... what do you recommend?

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