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Car seat questions


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My youngest is going to outgrow her infant car seat soon. I need recommendations on a seat for her. Obviously she'll need to be rear facing for now but I'd like one that can be forward facing as well. I also need the seat to be not quite so ginormous! I will have three kids in one row and she'll be behind the driver so I need a seat that can fit without crowding out my other kids.


It's been a few years since I've had to find a car seat for a child this age and wondered what was new or what the favorite brands were.


Any recommendations? Or brands I should avoid?

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Radian would be your first bet. It's a good time of year to stalk Woot since they usually have them on sale after the Expo/beginning of the year when new models and patterns are being released If money was no object I'd say a Clek, but they are more limited in what you can do.


Graco is producing a slimmed up seat (SlimFit) that really looks to be their Milestone sans cupholders, but it's meant to work in tighter spaces.


The brands I avoid like the plague:
Evenflo - the first car seat I ever bought was one that they knew would come apart in crashes and they purposefully hid internal documents until brought to court over killing at least one child.  I've never forgiven them.


Safety 1st/Cosco/Dorel - they are always on the 'not recommended' list.  Their highback harness to booster seat is one I kept for years because of how poorly it fits children.  The harness heights are 3-4 inches apart (your child should have the shoulder straps at or up to 1in below for rear, at or up to 1in above for forward, not 3-4 inches), and the plastic guide for a booster is worthless except for that 1 month your child might fit.  The construction of their seats is not what I would want to sit on, either.  I get the benefit of having a plush seat when I drive on long car trips and my butt still hurts at the end.  I cannot imagine being a child left on a hard plastic seat with nothing more than a piece of thick fabric in between.


In my car I get about 14in per seat, so I can have two Britax with headwings and rear facing Chicco puzzled together.  It's tight but doable.  If I continued to have my two extra children I'd have to come up with a different plan in a year because there is absolutely no way I can have three forward facing seats puzzled like that unless I specifically went with special seats.  I'd probably invest in an Immi Go since I don't have extra children all the time.

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Britax. They have a million models, are highly rated and with the new Click Tight system you will never struggle installing a car seat again. It takes about 10 seconds. Seriously. We have owned 7 Britaxes now (multiple cars) and the Click Tight thing is freaking genius. Especially with all of the issues now popping up over LATCH (you can google LATCH weight issues) I think this will be the new way- when car shopping this year we saw a few that were doing away with LATCH as well.

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