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Anyone need a laugh today? My hilarious trip to Sam's club.... (Benedict Cumberbatch (BC)- content)


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We had a long discussion on the way home about the probability of BC being in a SAM's club in soCal on a tuesday morning shopping in the freezer section.


I guess ds12 knows me well?? :tongue_smilie:



That's an awesome story!


I can add something ... my husband and I were in London a few weeks ago (celebrating our 30th anniversary), and one evening I decided to go to Temple Church to see an a cappella group (my husband went on a pub walk  :lol:  – the only evening we split up). Well, that same evening, BC was at St Paul's (which we had briefly considered attending, a different evening), where he, along with others, read from various plays and Scripture. I do not know what I would have done if I had seen him in real life! Perhaps I would have fallen down, too!  :ohmy:  :willy_nilly:  :svengo: but yeah, more likely to see him at St Paul's than at a SoCal Sam's Club (although not impossible!)  :cool:

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