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Ummm, who said the recorder was an easy instrument to learn to play? Lol!


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It's easier than many, in that if you pick it up and blow it, you will probably get sound. Now, getting GOOD sound is another story :) I prefer renaissance style recorders and to work on the lowest register first, rather than starting in the middle, because once you have a controlled sound on those lower notes, it carries over (and the lowest notes are much less shrill even if overblown).

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I think the key to good sound is not to blow too hard.


But explaining breath control to children can be challenging. :laugh:


Have you seen the Recorder Power video? It's fun, and nice to hear what the goal is supposed to sound like, lol.

No, I've never seen that video, thank you for posting it, I will look at it as soon we're done for the day. I'm also going to look up videos on YouTube this weekend and see if I can get us some help that way.

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It is easier than a Yamaha harmonica which is what my class had for 1st grade music. 2nd grade my classmates and I were all issued with the cheapest Yamaha recorder. The pianica was easier for some classmates and the easiest to play a simple tune like Jingle Bells was my elementary school's keyboards/organs. Playing Do-Re-Mi from Sound of Music was like practicing scales.


Below linked plastic recorder is still issued with the book at some elementary schools here to the lower elementary kids. Band starts in 3rd/4th.

Recorder https://www.amazon.com/Yamaha-YRS-24B-YRS24B-Soprano-Recorder/dp/B00004UE29

Book https://www.amazon.com/Essential-Elements-Recorder-Classroom-Method/dp/1423456300


Have fun :)

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