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Who's going to tackle Tuesday with me?

Jean in Newcastle

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My sore throat has turned into a nasty chest cold.  Gah!  



24 yo son is leaving to go on retreat

21 goes back to work after a long two week vacation 

15 yo who has been working on a group bio project for class has the kids coming over this a.m. at 9:45 to finish it up

18 and 15 yo start up their government co-op class at 12 noon

I know I have my own stuff to get done but I'm too sick to think about it.



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Good morning!





farrier appt.

go through calendar, figure out what rest of week looks like

water plants

give dogs heartworm preventative

take down Christmas decorations

dinner - trying a new recipe for Creamy Tex Mex Quinoa

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Assuming that I will stop feeling like a drunken sailor trying to walk across the poop deck.....



1. School

2. Drive to Gym and Swim (this is where the feeling needs to go away)

3. Teens have Mock tonight - get DS to drive DD.

4. Something for food tonight - leftovers for lunch

5. Call for an appointment for "official" dyslexia screening


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Hope everyone feels better!



slept in

bible study (year long study that is one of my 17 in 2017 resolutions) 

email to SS missions coordinators

school with ds: math, piano, devotion


a 15 minute walking session (another of my 17 in 2017; two exercise sessions a day at least 15 minutes each)


To Do:

school with ds: science, Spanish, Lit

tidy the house


dinner: soups/chilis from yesterday

take down Christmas decorations

practice piano (another 17 in 2017; 3 times a week practice and pick it back up a little)

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Dd 18 is home for one more week. She has been just delightful! College agrees with her, I think! We got a lot done this morning, and now we are both napping! But I have a few things to do this afternoon, so...



lunches made and everyone back to work and school

Exercise with dd

Sweep kitchen

To bx to look for camo gloves

Buy black swimsuit for dd's rotc class

Drop off amazon return at UPS

Pick up groceries

Drop off recycling

Bake summer sausages


To do:

x Empty dishwasher

X Tidy up

x Move laundry, fold

X Start gathering up Christmas decor

Order camo gloves and other things for dd

Order shoes for ds

Violin lesson with dd15

X Boxing with dd18 at 5pm (heaven help me)

x Dinner - chicken Alfredo

X Everyone to bed early

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Hi guys!  Happy new year!  I know it's the 3rd, but I just got back to Internet Land after being in Costa Rica for about a week.


Costa Rica is lovely.  Unfortunately I did have to deal with some time-consuming and stressful work matters, but it's all good.  Thankfully there was a 3-day weekend in there.  :)  We had some travel mishaps, but nothing bad enough to ruin the fun.  :)


Finally got home around 2:30pm today and set about working on emails and facebook.  Fixed a couple work problems.  Read about 2/3 of a biography on the plane.  Dealing with a sick kid - wondering if she will need more than rest to get over her issue.


Next up:  get the kids busy on their homework, dinner, baths, bed, then back to work and clearing emails.  Should probably do some laundry also.  The kids missed their first day back to school, so there will be lots of extra homework over the next couple days.  :/


Mostly I'm looking forward to sleeping in my own bed.  :)

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Nooooo!  The "dry" clothes that dd pulled out before putting her load in the dryer are all damp.  And when the dryer beeped to say that it was done drying her stuff, her stuff was damp too.  I have her clothes drying some extra and am hoping that the dryer isn't malfunctioning.  Then if hers are dry, my load goes back in the dryer a second time. 

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The main tree came down and some other decorations were gathered from various places. There are more to go tomorrow. 


One load of laundry is in the dyer. Another will need to be done tomorrow. 


I might try to go get in a piano practice. I didn't get in a second session but I'm not going to beat myself up when I don't get it. I know I'll exercise extra Thursday because my best friend and I will walk for an hour during ds' basketball practice on Thursday nights for the next two months. 

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