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TOG dialectic question

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For the dialectic level books, do you just get the History:Core books or do you also have to add in the History:In-Depth books? I would like my son to possibly do TOG in 7th grade and would like him to answer the questions included in that level. I have the curriculum and it seems like the history in depth books aren't needed? TIA



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We typically do all the core and in-depth. I say typically because although we use both, we sometimes skip or substitute a book from in-depth. Also when I set up the year, I might skip a week here and extend a week there based on priorities/interests.


You will not be able to answer all the questions without reading both. You should be able to answer most with just the core reading, so you could give your ds a heads-up that if he can't find an answer - don't stress about it. We have not found reading both to be burdensome, fwiw, and the in-depth books have been very well liked.

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