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Knowing that engineers get laid off, I have been saving for a long time. I am quite frugal. You all have seen me post. I don't spend money without a lot of thought. Now, when I was going over our budget and realize we are ok, without touching any sort of long term money or selling our house for 8+ months or cutting extracurriculars. And I could go to work for a little while. 


Prior to the lay off, we had been planning to relocate to a "forever" place where we would want to settle down and retire, have the kids go to college, etc. Now, with the lay off, my husband is feeling rushed to take the first job that comes along. I get it. He wants to get back to work asap. BUT, he also mentioned wanting to have a change in direction in his career. He wants to stay in his field, just work on different technology, I think. It is something like that but would take time to learn.


And I have a degree too. I could work to help off set the expenses to make it so we can last longer. And of course I do not want us to go through all our savings. But, it has been almost 2 months. (when I said 8+ months, I meant from now, not counting the first 2 months). 


Am I unreasonable to tell him to slow down, don't rush to the first job, and spend time learning that other technology? I KNOW he is the one who has been supporting us for years and I could not earn near what he earned, but, I could help. And he could steer in a direction that interests him more. And places.


But then again, I might be a unicorn kind of person. 


Please advise. Thank you.

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Resume gaps are not good.  *IF* he wanted to take some time off, he should open a consulting business and do a couple of side contract jobs so that he doesn't have a gap.  He will need to explain in future interviews what he did during this time since his last employment.  Most of our friends who have done that here (or gone the start-up route) have also had blogs, done workshop presentations, and other types of outward facing communication and networking during this time period as well.


That said, it is not the normal route of how people retool. Dh is learning new tech all of the time.  It fits in to early mornings and evenings and weekends and the occasional vacation day.  He takes certification exams regularly, and presents workshops often.  It's just part of the gig in working in IT.  

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