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I think only until March, PBS is showing the tribute show from the Royal Shakespeare Company on the 400th Anniversary of Shakespeare's passing, hosted by David Tennant and Catherine Tate.


I enjoyed most of it, skipped only a couple of parts (sorry, can't do the rapping of Shakespeare); recommend.


(Additionally, the second season of The Hollow Crown)

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Anything about DT is one of our favorites!


The only performers missing were Derek Jacobi, Kenneth Brannaugh, Patrick Stewart, Emma Thompson, and Michael Gambon.


Skip the rapper and put a skit together with just those and it would've been perfect. The Hamlet skit was to die for (maybe wrong word choice? ;) Only the Brits could make a serious Hamlet into a laugh-out-loud absolute riot.


Dame Judi Dench and Helen Mirren were marvelous.


John Lithgow represented America quite well.


Benedict Cumburbatch is...well...awesome. willing to take the brunt.


The monologue chosen for Ian McKellen was totally PC and politically-motivated; but I ignored my inner-cring and just enjoyed his voice and performance.


Wasn't impressed with the R & J sequence, but LOVED the following ballet sequence of same scene.


I give it a 8/10 rating.



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Those with Xfinity or something like it should find it and The Hollow Crown:The Wars of the Roses 'On Demand'.


It's on Great Performances.

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