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Hive Foodies - is capacity of a stockpot based on filling to brim?


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I have borrowed my SIL's large stockpot for Thanksgiving and Christmas because it is bigger than my two stockpots and is perfect for making our traditional noodles and gravy. I want to buy one of my own, but I am not sure if it is a 22Qt or other size. I filled it with quart-sized mason jars of water to see; if I fill it to the very brim, it is 22Qt. So is that sold as a 22Qt. Stockpot? (You might think just ask SIl, but I am positive she does not know. She isn't a cook at all and I am amazed she has this pot to begin with. Perhaps it was a gift to her or she inherited it.)


Also, if you have recs, I am all ears. I know I want a tri-ply bottom or something like that because this borrowed pot is single-ply and it scortches very easily.

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I'm not sure on the size of mine - but you do want something very heavy.

dh gave me a very heavy aluminum one when we were engaged.  (he'd been looking for one - and that he found it was just an excuse to give me a 'gift'.)


fine cooking did a review on stockpots.   they did all 12 quarts (which is about what I have.  rarely have I ever needed anything bigger.)

reading through it would give you an idea of things to look for besides a heavy bottom to prevent scorching.  handles that are easy to lift when full, or a rolled rim to make pouring easier.


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I have never seen capacity in a pot reported as less than 'to the brim' because it's how much will actually fit.  But, it's not how much you can actually cook in it. 


Also, my 12 quart multi pot is nice for about 2 chickens worth of stock.  I hate turkey stock so I don't make that, but the last time I tried it I used a canning kettle (bigger than 12 quarts) and it worked fine because I was just seething it, and it wasn't thick enough to scorch on the sides.  My multi pot has a 3 layer bottom but one layer sides.  That's nice for stock or for boiling pasta, because it's not as heavy as a full on All Clad 3-5 layers everywhere pot.  I planned to upgrade to an All Clad stock pot at one point, and changed my mind when I realized that I would never use it because if it were full it would be dangerous to lift and pour.

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