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Ack! Super cute CD Player?


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I ordered almost everything off Amazon.   We were almost entirely wrapped when I realized I hadn't seen Ella's CD Player - her favorite color PINK and she'd love it for audiobooks from the library.


Guess what?


Amazon 3rd party seller rip-off. (Apparently not only me but 24 other lucky folks.)  Amazon is being great about it, but they can't make it appear.  So, any suggestions?  And where to find one on short notice?  I'd love to stay in the $30 range and would rather not do black... But if I have to, bummer, but better than not having it.

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CD players are so hard to find, we have to replace them periodically. The only one I've come across over the years that was pink was Hello Kitty. Did a quick search on Target, they have 2 but did not get good reviews. Honestly, as much as you don't want to, I would stay away from that kind and go with a black one that may be more reliable. Have no idea why they seem to be so extinct! We use ours all the time! 

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I wonder how accurate the "in store" thing is.   It doesn't show instock, but maybe?


So I have checked sites for:




JC Penneys


Radio Shack

Best Buy


Ugh.  This kid is such a pink, flashy, girly girl, kwim?  I wonder if it can be bedazzled, lol.

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