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WOW - List of resources for homeschooling special needs

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I don't know if this can be stickied to the top of this forum?  This is a great list of resources. 


(Has this been posted here before?  I can't believe I've been homeschool special needs for... how many years???... and I'm just NOW stumbling across this list.  LOL)

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If no one minds if we add to this list, I would like to add a publisher/suite of resources to this list.
I keep adding to my library of resources from this company. They provide help across diagnostic categories for language. These materials are professional-level intervention tools used by teachers and speech therapists, but some homeschooling parents find them intuitive. We have a tutor implementing them, but we've found that it's often necessary to provide tutors with the resources to help our kids. That might be a local phenomenon.
These folks are speech therapists offering therapy services to locals and parent training to anyone that wants to sign up for classes or even 1:1 mentoring. Their clients are largely dyslexic students. They are starting to branch out to homeschool conventions. They are Bravewriter-friendly if that's your thing. 

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