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Gift for a Zumba instructor?


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This is a new instructor, I'd like to get her a small gift of an accessory she may not have. I don't do Zumba myself... All I can think of is something like a belly dancer's waist scarf with little jingky things on it. If any of you Zumba and have ideas, please share!


I haven't ever seen a Zumba instructor wear those in person....and I haven't seen them on videos either and I watch quite a few, so I would go with a different idea. 


Headband or wristbands would be probably be good. Zumba tee shirt would be good. I think instructors are encouraged to wear Zumba logo stuff. 


You actually might want to check out some Zumba videos on Youtube and see what accessories look "in." (Check the date they were posted as things change.) 

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I do Zumba a lot.
the jingly scarf thingies are really not popular anymore. I only see them on old ladies, never on the instructors. 

If she has long hair, headbands, hair pins, scrunchies. 

Colored rubber bracelets with inspirational sayings. 


A new water bottle. 

A microfibre workout towel. 

There is a Zumba store online - not sure if you can still order in time. Some larger studios also have small supply of Zumba branded goods on the premises. Zumba instructors definitely tend to wear Z branded gear. 



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