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Dr. Hive: What would you do about this (minor?) baby ailment?


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This morning it looked like our 4mo baby girl had gotten a bug bite on her cheek overnight, but by this afternoon we realized it was more like a zit.


Overall the red spot is about the size of your little fingernail. The spot doesn't quite have a "head" but you can see that the inflammation is within a pore or pores, and the spot feels slightly warm to the touch.

This evening I have been putting warm-hot compresses on the spot in hopes of helping the infection come to the surface, and also putting a little breastmilk on the cheek (hoping milk's antibiotic properties will do some good).


Baby is now asleep, probably for the night.


I'm concerned it's a staph infection and I'm wondering if I should panic.



* How often should I apply hot compresses and/or breastmilk? 

* Should I take her to urgent care tomorrow? 

* If this is not currently a big deal, are there any signals to watch for that are bad news?



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If it gets any larger or worse and if there's a fever go directly to the doctor, even ER. I had something similar happen to my dd and it went from looking like a bug bite to being hospitalized with twelve hours. But there was no question that it was serious. It's probably a baby zit, and will be better in the am.

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