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Can't access old thread

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Hi:  I'm trying to access a couple of old threads of mine, from a couple of years ago.  When I search using either the WTM search or google search, I can find a link to my old post.  But when I click on it, I get a WTM page I get this error message:


IP.Board Message
You do not have permission to view this forum. In some cases joining this Social Group will give you permission to view this forum.



When I look at the top of the page to see what Social Group, it says:


The Well-Trained Mind Community  → Groups  → Moms with Kids on the Autism Spectrum  → Group Discussion  → K-8 Curriculum Board  → Logic Stage & Middle Grade Challenges


It's true that I'm not a member of Kids on the Autism Spectrum, but I didn't post it to that forum.  I posted to the regular Logic Stage board.  I'm not sure how my thread was "moved" there.  As a stopgap measure, I am trying to join that forum to see if I can access my old thread.  


The threads I'm searching for are titled "Reading Comprehension help" (Jan 2014) and "ISO reading comprehension aids." (Oct. 2013) I desperately need the info in these threads!  Thank you!  

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I ended up being able to access the threads when I signed out of WTM.  Go figure.  Still not sure why my posts appear in the Mom's of autism spectrum social group.  

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It seems that Lori D. once posted hints for finding threads that show an error message. I can't find her post, but I might try the trick of signing out next time I come upon an old link. 


Glad you got it, though. 

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