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Graduating from two high schools at once


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DD is taking community college classes with an eye towards earning her transfer associates. In our state, students who earn an associates but who do not have a state-accredited diploma can check a box on the graduation form and earn a state high school diploma as well.


I'm planning on doing a homeschool transcript and being the counselor for the common app. If DD gets a second high school diploma, where would that go on her academic record? Just as an addendum to the homeschool transcript? Would she just not be a homeschooler at all on job applications and put that she got her diploma at the CC?


I know a lot of homeschoolers take advantage of the opportunity to have an accredited diploma "just in case," but I'm not quite sure how this works in practice.

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I think if you check the box, then she is graduating from the CC--she would not be "graduating" from your home school high school (it would be like if she started at one school and then transferred to another--the second school is the one she would graduate from even though she attended both). 



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Agreeing with Merry.


Also, the CC diploma would "trump" the homeschool diploma. You can still award a homeschool one just for your own satisfaction, but the diploma that will be listed in all her future paperwork will be the state-awarded diploma.


However, you will still supply a transcript for the homeschool coursework that was overseen or administrated by you, as colleges want to see ALL transcripts from high school, as well as any college course transcripts from dual enrollment.


BEST of luck in completing the Associate's degree and beyond! Warmest regards, Lori D.

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