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Anyway to transfer a voicemail to a keepsake of some kind?


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I don't want to put it in a teddy bear or anything similar (this is for an adult man who may appreciate something less... fluffy or obvious). 


When I google it, though, all I come up with are ways to save voicemails. I'd like to transfer it to something small that DH could press and listen to whenever he misses Dad (namely, lately, on his drives home from work). 


I'm not tech savvy in the least.

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I think there is a way to download it if the phone is new enough, but I'd just use the microphone on my phone to record an MP3 voice memo. It's probably the most ghetto way though, I'm not very techy (not since I married my tech support and haven't had to think about it since :o ).


Voice recorders are cheap at RadioShack and similar sources, you could totally make one of compiled FIL audio that way, just by playing back and recording them again.

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If you can figure out how to save it, then you should from there be able to copy the saved file onto either a thumb drive (USB), which some cars have slots for and he could listen that way, or onto an MP3 device, etc.


If the voice mail is in his phone, and if his phone has an SD slot, it should be easy to save and then transfer to computer, but if it is in his phone, the easiest way to listen to it might be through the blue tooth in his car, if so equipped, or by getting a cord to plug from phone to car (if he has that; my car has a place to plug in iPod type wires, the sort for headphones, and then I can listen to the plugged in thing over the car speakers); if his car is older and doesn't have that, then probably once you save it to the computer you could copy it onto a CD which he could play, maybe add some music he likes or that reminds him of his dad, or something similar if you want to fill up the CD/give him something else to listen to with it.

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