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Family fun box--adults?


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DVD of a good movie

Gift cards for movie theater or tickets to a play

Microwave popcorn + a variety of popcorn seasonings - or that popcorn that came in the pot that you heated on the stove and it popped up? (Jiffy pop!)

Card game - maybe something like charades

Mad libs 

box of mixed chocolates - fun to take one piece each at at time

Do you have any local outdoor fun venues - putt-putt or ice skating? tickets to that

set of dominoes (okay, older people in our state *LOVE* to play dominoes)

some sort of craft thing they could all work on together? No idea here - maybe something you build and decorate?

I've seen gingerbread men cookies for sale that you decorate yourself - maybe something like that with icing tubes so they can all decorate a few themselves?

If you live where the weather is nice, maybe a yard darts game or other outside game

Paper airplane book and they can have various competitions (longest flight time, which flies the farthest, etc)

Bird feeder/seed (we enjoy watching out the window)

Maybe a set of questions designed to get them talking (which seems weird to suggest, but I see sets are sold to get discussions going at the dinner table, and for travel, etc, so maybe). 

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