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PSA: Inexpensive 18" dolls


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If you have a Michaels near you and you aren't into spending a fortune on AG - you might want to peek at their 18" dolls.


I picked up "Lauren" today for $12.49.  They are half off this week.


So, is she just like AG? Nope.  We've had Gotz and we've had VF dolls, but not AG, but still fairly spendy dolls - the older Gotz doll we have was German made, the newer one was not.

She doesn't have a wig FYI.  On the other hand, if your three year old Sharpied her last expensive doll and your 6 year old does not understand that that Waldorf doll you painstakingly made her gets dirty and can't be thrown in the washer, then you just want to give her a doll to drag around - this is a find and super cute! 

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Is this a special coupon? I'm looking at the website and it shows buy 1 get 1 50% off. Same for the clothes.

I haven't looked at the website or deal, but you likely could use the 40% or 50% coupon that comes with each week's ad and buy just one for the amount off as the coupon. If you have a store close by, you can download the coupon to your smartphone and have it scanned at checkout. Buying just one doll should allow for the coupon deal. Buying 2 items would be full price for the greater cost item and 1/2 price for the lower or equal cost item.


PSA: if you have a teacher's ID card, Michael's gives a teacher discount (maybe 10% or 15%) off regular priced items (but not in addition to other discounts).


For other inexpensive q8" dolls, my dd loves her Target Our Generation dolls more than her AG doll. I have gotten her 2 OG dolls 2 Christmases in a row on sale. The ones I get are the ones that come with an extra outfit, extra pair of shoes, accessories, and a book. When on sale, it is actually cheaper to buy the doll with the extras in the package than buy the outfits and accessory packages separately without the doll,

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