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The 10 Days of Houseguests- dietary requirements


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My parents are coming for 10 days over Christmas. My dad is diabetic and they prefer simple food. He is having issues with his denture so needs very soft food. I. have celiac disease so no gluten.


I need inspiration for ideas on what to cook when they are here- simple, nourishing and affordable while being low carb, GF and soft smudgy food.


Soup salad and bread is a perfect mea and I have several recipes.... but now looking for easy casseroles or crockpot meals. Breakfast and lunch are simpler- dinner seems to need to be more substantial.




Chicken corn noodle soup

Sausage potatoe and Kale

Chicken tortilla soup

Beef vegetable soup


No pasta, spicy food or bold flavors- simple, soft, GF and diabetic friendly.



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Is chicken too hard? A baked chicken might work, if the meat it soft enough, but I don't know just how soft the food has to be. Or chicken thighs in the crockpot so that the meat is so tender it falls apart.

I believe it has to be falling apart... my mom communicates that it needs to be cooked very well.


Any special recipe for chicken thighs in crockpot? 😜

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I believe it has to be falling apart... my mom communicates that it needs to be cooked very well.


Any special recipe for chicken thighs in crockpot? 😜


No special recipe--I'm not a great cook, so the rare times I make them I just find something easy online. :)

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potato gratin as a main dish, with some steamed or roasted veggies on the side

Loaded baked potatoes

... neither of those are particularly diabetic friendly, but at least it's not pure sugar...


bean burritos for non celiac, beans on chips for celiac

meatloaf with gf breadcrumbs in the mix

Meatballs, again with gf breadcrumbs

Salmon filets with a bit of soy-honey glaze on top

Chicken nuggets starting from ground dark meat chicken rather than sliced chicken breasts


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I know you said not spicy, but this is really not even though it looks like it would be. I use chicken quarters or any bone in chicken. The meat always falls off the bones.

Garlic chicken

Spray crockpot with pam or grease it. Place these in the bottom:

1 onion sliced

whole cloves garlic (a bunch, I use like 20, do not cut, only peel it, this will give the chicken an almost nutty flavor)


mix chicken pieces with: paprika, salt and olive oil to coat. Place on top of the onion and garlic.

Cook on high 5-6 hours.


This goes well with mash potatoes.

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We do chicken thighs with pesto sauce, and they come out falling apart tender. Serve over noodles if you like, or omit for those who can't eat them. (DH and I eat mostly low carb, and one of our kids is vegetarian, so we're finding that meals with several dishes are helpful, not as much one pot sorts of meals. Everyone can fill up on veggies too.)


Another dish we like is the Tuscan chicken stew from the South Your Mouth site. It does come out very tender, although it may depend on what your dad actually can eat.

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Oven Baked Salisbury Steak (could use almond flour to make it gluten free)...cooked long enough it should be falling apart


Melt in Your Mouth Meatloaf (replaces bread crumbs with pork rinds)...I cooked this and it was almost falling apart tender

2 lb ground chuck

1T Worcestershire sauce

2t Mustard

1 can tomato sauce

1 bag pork rinds

2 egg

2 1/2T chili power (I reduced this by half because we don't like spicy)

1 T garlic powder

1T onion flakes

1 t black pepper


Crush enough pork rinds to make 1/3 cup

Combine all ingredients and place in a loaf pan sprayed with non-stick spray

Cook at 350 until center is done.




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Wow thanks! The suggestions helped creative juices, so I've added:


Tomato soup and grilled cheese

Meatloaf and mashed cauliflower (instead of potatoes)

Deviled eggs

Tuna salad and chicken salad

Broiled fish and sweet potatoes

BBQ quicken

Garlic chicken (yum!!)

Baked potato bar

Broccoli ham and rice casserole

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Any special recipe for chicken thighs in crockpot? 😜


I put skinless boneless thighs in a dutch oven with some liquid, 350 for an hour.  The key I recently discovered is to chop the raw chicken thighs into pieces (about normal bite size or bigger) as they seem to come out far more tender than when I leave the thighs whole.  This chopping up method at 350 also seems to work better than low-and-slow for me (I was getting dry chicken).  Chopped before cooking is perhaps less attractive than whole pieces but really quite tender IME.


Sauce option:  half white wine/half water with pressed garlic.  For 5 thighs, I'd do roughly half a cup of water, half a cup of wine, 1 clove, and a bunch of salt and sage.  10 thighs, I'd double that liquid, 1 c water, 1 c wine, 2 clove garlic, 1 tsp salt, 1 tsp sage.  Put it all in the dutch oven with the chicken before going into the oven (I like to get it warmed up but not boiling on the stovetop first, especially when I'm in a hurry).  


Then when it's cooked, I put it on the stove top, bring to a boil in moments and thicken with cornstarch in water (2 tbsp cornstarch in 1/4 c water for every 2 cups of liquid that seem to be in the pot).  The variable is how much water the chicken gives off when it cooks - sometimes a lot, sometimes none; adjust accordingly.


Other sauce option:  bbq sauce, mixed into water in the pot before adding the chicken, though this may be too carb-y for your needs.

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Quiche is soft, lowish carb, and easy. Fritata is even lower carb, but not as tasty. You can do a lot of variations on either one.


German meatballs with mushroom gravy is great. You can serve veggie pancakes with that kind of gravy, to have a lower carb side.

Fantastic idea!!! I had forgotten about various meatball options (they don't like pasta or Italian dishes so for some reason I skipped right over meatballs).



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