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One mom's way to list books for college app portfolio


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Can anyone help me with this?  My ds3 is finishing college apps, I'm finishing the portfolio, and I'm stuck on the best way to format his reading lists for each grade.  My instinct is to list author first, title in italics, then year published but not publisher or city, because it's not really a citation, just a list.  My son wants it to just say title in italics, by author.  That seems too non-rigorous-looking.  Can anyone tell me their way? 


Also, I'm just lonely.  I literally know no other parent who's ever done this whole homeschool to college thing (though you'd think by the third kid, I might have met someone by now.  Nope.)


Thanks for any help and/or encouraging words!

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Sorry Harpymom, I can't help you because I didn't do an overall reading list for dd (one wasn't asked for specifically). I noted the major books for each course in the individual course descriptions. I *think* I put each book title in italics with the author's name or last name in parentheses.

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I just sent a document with the titles.  Occasionally, if I thought it would be helpful, I would say Soandso's Suchandsuch.  I organized the list by subject but did not put subject headings on the list - I just grouped the books of one subject together and left a blank line before I began books of the next subject.  For things like which biology text book was used, where the edition might be of interest, I relied on the course descriptions.  I listed the main textbook (if there was one) and a sampling of the extra reading in those.


It is a really lonely process.  I'm still the only person I know from somewhere other than these boards who has gone through it.  I'm sure there are plenty of others in my area.  I just don't know them.  I happened to run into the families where the students segued from from homeschooling into doing full time whatever they'd been doing for money all along.  Or drifted until they stumbled into something people would pay them to do.  Both of which seems to have worked out just fine.  It sometimes involved the community college.  It didn't involve the full blown college application process.  I remember being desperate for details of how other people managed, which is why I started a number of nosy threads here, like the "How are you paying for college?" one. : )



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Thank you both!  I've changed the title of this thread so others can search for it.  Final decision: I've organized the portfolio as an expanded transcript with each class listed grouped by year of high school.  Because he is an English "major" I've listed books for these classes in a vertical list, like this:


Paradise Lost, John Milton

Beowulf, translated by Heaney


with the title in italics.  Poems in another list below the books, slightly different form:


"Mending Wall" by Robert Frost


All other texts I've included in the descriptive mini-paragraph for each class, in this format: author's last name, title in italics, year of publication, edition if it's a true textbook. like this:


(Title of course in bold)

(Tutor's name or "self-designed")

Economic principles including micro- and macro-economics, history of capitalism, the rise of corporations, the institutional background of markets for stocks, bonds, and derivatives, inequality and poverty, and state-led capitalism.

Texts: O’Sullivan, Sheffrin, Perez  Survey of Economics: Principles, Applications, and Tools, 6th Edition, 2014; Rivoli, The Travels of a T-Shirt in the Global Economy, 2015; Fulcher, Capitalism: A Very Short Introduction, 2015.

(Method of assessment)


I think this is visually easy and satisfies my need for consistent organization.


Thank you also for the connection.  Older siblings went to engineering school and music conservatory so those transcripts had their own weird twists - listing research and creating a musical resume were also new skills for me.  This is my first true humanities kid, and probably last as dd4 seems destined for theater.  I'm sure I'll learn how to organize her as well!


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