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Bread question.

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Why does my bread always...and I mean always...stick to one side of my pans? I usually have 3 or 3 out of my 6 loaves slide right out of the pans. Then, the other 2 or 3 loaves stick a bit on one side.


Any ideas?


I use Doughmakers pans. But, even when I used my Chicago Metallic pans...it happened. Please don't tell me to use non-stick. I am not intending on switching pans. Smiles...




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The only thing I can think of is that one side of the pans may be heated differently by your oven. Ovens often heat unevenly. I would guess that one side of your oven doesn't heat up quite as much as the rest of the oven. You could test this idea by placing all your pans perpendicular to your usual arrangement. If this theory is correct, you should find one end sticking rather than one side sticking.

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