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How to challenge a gifted writer?

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My 10-year-old fifth grader is an avid writer.  She spends her downtime writing elaborate stories and comic books.  She can knock a five-paragraph research paper out in a morning, with very few, if any, errors.  Right now, she is working her way through both WWS1 and TCW1 with ease.  How do I support her natural talent and help her expand on her skills?  I feel like I’ve hit a wall with what I can teach her without overwhelming her, but I know that there is still room to grow.  Should I just continue to encourage her to write, or should I find more ways to challenge her to develop her skills?

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It sounds like you're giving her what she needs: a structured writing program and plenty of time to write. If you want to challenge her, you could skip ahead in one program to the point where she is being challenged. In the long run, spending a shorter amount of time on a more advanced program that gently stretches her may be better than spending more time working through two writing programs that are both kind of easy for her.


One thing you could add in is a poetry writing program. If she can express herself poetically, those skills will eventually carry over and add sparkle to her essays and stories.

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