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Who's going to tackle Monday with me?

Jean in Newcastle

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Went to school  soon to be ds8 will be enrolled in and had chat with principal. it is a Catholic school so we might have an interesting year.


vacuum house


6 loads of laundry


clean kitchen


clean out fridge


clean bathroom


finish cleaning out ds13's room


 shift bedding and mattress and make up room all ready for new ds8


try to tidy rest of house - a lost cause


Curriculum for next year arrived YaY! 




make ice cream


cook rissoles and salad for tea


3 am tomorrow DH, twins and I are travelling to Melbourne for the last 3 days of transition. DD16 and Ds13 are staying at home by themselves. my mother will come in for the nights ( she works) and ds19 will be here in the evenings. dd16 very nervous about milking the cow.



3 days until we bring our new son home







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Good morning!



Religion and Latin with teens

both 15 and 17 yo have stuff they need to work on 

Take 17 yo to last English class which is really just watching a movie version of book they read

Grocery shop and make sure to get ingredients for potluck dish

make dish

p/u 17 yo

Take 15 yo to AHG early - it is gingerbread house making day

Make sure to take sympathy card and get signed

7:30 Mass for Our Lady of Guadalupe

After Mass potluck dinner and fiesta! (15 yo might not go because of homework :(

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Good morning!



water plants

empty garbage cans throughout house

clean bathrooms

absolutely must get a few hours of office work done

dig my warmest winter coat out from the bin in my closet


maybe run to town to get a few things 

go through Subscribe & Save list for January

dinner=spaghetti squash w/ alfredo sauce

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Good morning! Back to the regular routine today. School, guilar lesson, swim/aikido practice.


To do:

order some gifts

school with boys

clean kitchen

other neglected chores

guitar lesson for ds3

grocery store run

more chores




Have a great day!

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Haven't done this in a while due to school.... dd1 has a snow day and dh has my car because something is wrong with the transmission/drivetrain in his truck (this is really bad timing for his truck to decide to have issues).

- laundry (including folding and putting away)- load in washer and dryer
- tidy house- getting there
- finish organizing last semester's stuff and start getting next semester's stuff organized
- wait for tow truck to get dh's truck- truck has been picked up and it's the rear differential that went out
- wait for delivery of new tv (this is paid for and will be dh and I's big gift)
- help girls clean and organize their room- trying to get them to clean it
- work on handmade Christmas gifts (with dh's truck not sure how many other gifts our girls will get from us)
- dinner- planned, egg drop soup. The girls love it and it's really easy to make (well besides it's cold and snowy out)
- run dishwasher
- anything else I manage to accomplish- finished (for now) with Christmas decorating. Might do more once dh puts up the tv mounts and I have more surface to put things on.

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DD is home sick.


Keep from getting sick myself.


Work on novel. At least 2000 words.


Work four hours in the restaurant. Hopefully more, because hopefully there will be enough guests that I can't walk right out the door at three with cleanup done.


Find nativity scene and set it up.


Read the Advent stories we are behind on.

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