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Turn Board for a (wannabe) Dancer? - dance moms help!

Just Kate

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My 9 year loves to dance. She has taken classes a few times, but thus far we haven't found a studio that we love (we live in a more rural area and most of the studios are more dance team focused). Dd is determined to learn how to do a turn and she watches lots of instructional videos. She is convinced she needs a turn board (like this) for Christmas. We don't have anywhere in the house to use a turn board, so she is begging for some type of portable dance floor that she saw. She says she could use the turn board on this?


I know very little about dance and whether looking into these things would be a good idea or not. Any thoughts?

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A turn board can used on any hard floor (actually even on a very low pile carpet). You could even put a little scrap of vinyl on the garage floor and she could use the turn board on that.

That being said, they turn very fast. I would be concerned that without some dance training and core work it could be a little dangerous.


FWIW - my favorite dance youtubers are Ballerinas by Night. They are adult ladies and all their instructional videos and safe and sensible.

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DD14 is a serious dancer. There is no way I would have let her have one if she had asked. Too great a chance of injury, especially for someone who has not had dance training. And for someone who has had dance training, it's not necessary.


What kind of dance does she like to do? I'm not sure about a portable dance floor. It depends on where in the house you would put it. It is definitely not a great idea to dance on a concrete floor, as in a basement, even if it has carpet over it.


But I'd pick the dance floor over the turning board if you feel you need to do one or the other.



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Thanks everyone! I was thinking it probably isn't the best idea. But I wanted to check with someone with experience to make sure. 


I think I have found another studio to look at that may be a good fit for dd. It will probably be best for her to get the proper training rather than try to learn on her own.

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