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If I really loved The Crown, what to watch next?

Jenny in Florida

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A friend of mine highly recommends The Royals (documentary) to go with The Crown.


I'm currently watching Scrubs. Half-hour sitcom so mostly light and episodes are short.


Have you seen Death in Paradise? It's crime but not particularly drama--it has a lighter feel to it.

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Matt Smith that was Philip in the Crown played the Doctor in Dr Who for seasons/series 5-7. You said nothing stressful or supernatural but it os SO good.


When Calls the Heart is good. Lately I jave been watching The Dick Van Dyke show on Netflix. Cute, non stressful and funny. Just remember the tme period it was made.

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Thanks, I've actually seen all of those (some more than once).


Definitely on the right track, though.

If you liked Gilmore Girls, how about Dance Academy or Greek? Again, not the Crown and more teen focused shows, but definitely comfort food.


Edited to second When Calls The Heart and Lark Rise to Candleford.

Edited by Frances
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I try to warn my costumed drama fan friends by typing this PolDARK. ;-)

The joke is that you need to watch it with lots of alcohol & a heart of concrete.

It's not light viewing.  It's suspenseful/depressing . . . but highly addicting.

And make sure to watch the "kinder" Masterpiece version, NOT the U.K. version.

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