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Who's going to tackle Saturday with me?

Jean in Newcastle

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took twins just under 100 km to swimming lessons - this took most of the day


3 loads of laundry washed, dried and half folded


some vacuuming


then I became completely unproductive and started going in little circles again.... too much to do ...too much happening all at once... my brain is having trouble



five days until we bring home new son








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fold all the laundry

Christmas parade

pick up ds from his activity

prepare my "12 days of safety" folder for child protection to post each day (after wanting to cry yesterday when the 3yo I keep was picked up by dad and allowed to sit in a seatbelt on the ride home instead of the beautifully installed Radian right f*%^ing next to him)

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  • Woke up about 6am to get some work out.

Kids to horse camp.


Kids' work.


Miss A's gymnastics performance at a basketball game.

If we can do the nearby drive-thru Nativity, I would like to, but it might not work in our schedule.

Kids to bed.

Work or sleep.

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Already done:

animal chores (got a great workout by shoveling manure and hauling hay bales for a couple hours)

2 loads laundry


To do:  

clean kitchen

keep going with laundry - wash comforters and blankets

put turkey in oven

organize the heck out of our school supply/art supply closet, get rid of stuff we no longer need

wait for the snow to hit!


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Having a rough work day.  Trying to communicate what I need to people who don't really understand any language I speak, and who cannot think for themselves.


This is a recurring thing.  First they do stuff wrong.  Then they do it technically "right," but without any thought about whether there is more than 1 way to do it and which way is better, or how I told them to do it the last 10 times.  I'm told that I have to tell them "exactly" what I want them to do each time, or they won't think of it.  So finally we are almost done.  I asked them to send me reports from data already in the system.  I also answered a question they asked.  Unfortunately, for the first time in their lives, they decided to NOT do exactly what I asked, but to take the answer to their question to mean I wanted other changes, which I did NOT ask for.  BLAH!


It's been about 7 hours of going back and forth.


So now I am experiencing a big guilt trip for keeping them at work so long.


I still don't have my reports.


ETA:  I finally told them to go home after they fixed the mess, though they did not get me most of the reports I asked for.  :/


I need to print about 50 reports for a client and they are the logical people to ask ... but if I ask them to print the 50 reports, what will I really get?  Other than a headache??


Spent the next couple hours reviewing and revising a legal document.


I can't remember the last time I worked so long, so continuously on a Saturday. 

Pretty soon we need to leave if we want to see the live nativity before the gymnastics show ....

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Got kids off to first day of skiing programs this morning. Only 5 minutes behind the planned schedule which was great for a first run.

Sat down to a pile of my own work (none finished yet):


Lesson planning LA

Lesson planning Art


Also need to:

Clean up kitchen

Make something hot and solid for dinner

take a nap (Can that be on the "need' list??)

Wash a couple loads of sheets

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