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Anyone use a thundershirt on your dog? Questions.


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We bought one for our rather hyper cocker spaniel. We didn't get it so much to calm him as we are pretty well versed in cocker spaniel behavior and kind of like his spirit. He's good boy. Not aggressive so it has never been a big deal. But, he got a bug bite on his belly and even with hydrocortisone cream and benadryl would not stop incessantly scratching it. So it got infected, and it has been a bear to get to heel because he won't leave it only. The thundershirt covers the spot so we thought that would be a great solution.


It came yesterday, and I put it on him this morning. He has been sleepy and lazy all day. Seriously, just ridiculously lazy. And when someone knocked at the door, instead of doing his flurry of barking, he just looked up, barely woofed mildly once, and laid back down.


Is that because the shirt calms him that much?


The wound does not look any more infected than it did yesterday. Actually after several hours now of not scratching it, it is beginning to look better. So my instinct is that he isn't getting sick from his wound getting worse or more infected, but then again, maybe it is and just a coincidence.


I know people have told me that these shirts seriously mellowed out their dogs, but it is really hard for me to imagine such a radical change in my Lewis. Should I take it off? (Kind of hate to do it because I suspect he'll be clawing at that wound again.) Should I call the vet?

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With some dogs it is like that. Being in the thundershirt just makes them feel all mellow. 

I didn't have that much of an effect from mine but certainly I've heard others report this. 

I'd take it off & look at the wound, examine for any signs of infection. If he is eating & drinking, I wouldn't worry too much. I'd consider taking it off for a bit & leashing him up & taking him for a walk though just to make he's his same perky self outside.  Then pop the shirt back on when you're inside. 

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I got one a few weeks ago for our dog.


He's practically perfect in almost every way except for a couple of things.


He gets way too excited when oldest DS comes home from college. The symptoms of that include "chasing" DS everywhere he goes through the house, nipping at his heels and barking (which he normally never does--contrary to the stereotype of the yappy little dog he's normally extremely quiet).


Likewise, he gets too excited when we have someone here working (plumber, HVAC, etc.).


i bought the ThunderShirt knowing full well that it has a lot of effect on some dogs and almost none on others.


For him the thing is like a miracle. I swear it's like I've given him a sedative that works instantly. Or it's like flipping a light switch. He's "on" then put the TS on and he's instantly "off."


I puffy heart love it.

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What is in the fabric of that shirt?? Is it soaked in Benadryl? :laugh:


No kidding! I bought a thunder shirt for my dobie years ago and all it did was spaz her out completely. 

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