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Favorite Beast Academy chapters


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We are currently working through BA 3 with my 8 year old and loving it!!!


My older children don't love AOPS, but I'd like to have them experience some of the best chapters of BA even though they are in higher math. I think there would be value in learning some of the unique BA approach. So far I'm planning on having them complete the squares chapter in 3b.


For those who are farther along in BA, what pages/chapters do you think would benefit older students even if they don't do the whole program or are in a much higher level of math?

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My LEAST favorite chapter was measurement in 3D. There was nothing wrong with it, it just seemed so....normal. Like basic, here's a ruler, here's a clock, add it up. Usually in BA you only get a few pages of that before things go crazy, but that chapter never went crazy. It was a bit of a let down, especially since it finished the book and grade level.


My kid did do the calculations by running the numbers through base 12 or base 60, but that wasn't in the book.

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