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Who's going to tackle Friday with me?

Jean in Newcastle

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travelled  with DH and kids just over 100 km to town with shops. Bought all the things needed to make up a new bedroom- mattress, bedside table, bedding and rug. found a desk for new son at OP-shop for just $10 ( we will be able to homeschool him 1 day a week - recommended to us by placement agency to encourage bonding and make him feel part of the family)



6 days until we bring our new son home


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Melissa, how awesome for you!!


What a crazy week it has been! I hope everyone is well. I had my nephew until Saturday, drove him back and went to see dd at school, drove home to get ready for my other sister coming in town, saw ds' performances in our church's 2 hour long Christmas program, visited with sister for a few days, and worked at the Operation Christmas Child warehouse with our homeschool group yesterday!



breakfast and lunch for dh

fed cats

watched some tv shows online with my coffee


To Do:


school with ds 


Christmas shopping list

errands out

tidy house




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Today? Pure Crazy.


Dentist appointment

Drive an hour away for an invoice to wind up the Eagle project

Drive an hour back to home

Eat lunch

Drive almost an hour in the other direction - Costco

Drive home

Make dinner - Chili

Write a paper


And it's deer widow weekend so I don't expect to see the hubby except for sleeping.  In good news, he hit one with his truck yesterday so we're one up on deer season and the deputy tagged it for him. :D



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I think I'm glad it's Friday ... but I have a lot to try to finish early on.


Well, for starters, at least 4 - FOUR conference calls.  You know what conference calls do to me.  One is already over.  I have to prepare work for two of the others.  And meet with my boss on one of them.  Ugh.


Plus I have about 1,000 things that I should have done by today.  Hopefully I get through the most important ones.


I've been having what may or may not be hot flashes.  No big deal, but not exactly what I need right now.


Other than that, it's all great.


My schedule is the usual for a Friday, except that work is more intense.

  • Get up early to do some work.
  • Kids off to the school bus.
  • A little housework to keep us living in human standards.
  • Work.
  • Set up Saturday morning for the kids.
  • Out to dinner with the kids.
  • Watch some old shows on DVD.
  • Kids to bed.
  • Work or sleep.
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I got my horses hauled up to their new digs here at the house, just in the nick of time before the snow hits.  We're supposed to get up to 14".  It's so nice to be able to see them out my window!


My only other accomplishment today was cleaning the kitchen.  I need to get my butt in gear!

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Woke up early




Off to see the Nutcracker from a professional ballet.   Lots of our homeschool friends were in it.  ARGH.  I should have had the kids audition, but we were out of the country.


Had an amazing time.  Saw so many people we knew.  So many new babies!  (baby fever over here)

The kids got to see their violin teacher in the full orchestra.   So neat.  Their friend was the lead "Clara".   Fun.


Home for lunch





Maybe swim team?  



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