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ENFP's : Do you like small communities or larger ones?

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ENFP's (I know there aren't a lot of you out there, but I am hoping there are some!)


DO you prefer smaller communities where there are a smaller number of people for you to really invest in, spend time with, and get to know and a set number of activities that you can get involved in on a deeper level?


OR do you prefer larger communities with many opportunities to rub shoulders on a more casual level with lots more people and get involved with more activities that you might be involved on a more casual basis with ?


Personally as an ESTJ I prefer larger communities and I like to "Throw my oar in" and help where ever I can.  Of course I will make deep close friends but prefer to spend my time just kind of "being a part of things." and medium sized churches/communities/volunteer organizations are much more comfortable to me than smaller ones.....  I am sensing, to my surprise, that this is NOT the case for my dd.  

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I'm an ENFP and I definitely prefer smaller communities. HOWEVER, I can be picky about dynamics. Intimate groups can be full of drama, which I'm really averse to. I'm an extrovert in that I thrive on social interaction, but that interaction is most comfortable one one one or in small groups.

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