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Home remedies for flu?


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Part of what's so annoying is i am so exhausted but can't sleep at the moment.

I took a lot of NyQuil when I had it. I was flattened out for over a week. The flu is rough.

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Rest, if you can't sleep.  Fluids.  Healthy, easy to eat foods.  My local Chinese/Sushi place makes an amazing egg drop soup full of goodness and easy to digest, plus it's very inexpensive.  

Not a home remedy, but for us, Tamiflu (anti-viral medicine) did seem to result in a much shorter, lighter case, but you do have to start taking it promptly when you first get the flu.  It is not without the potential for serious side-effects, though, so after a few bouts with flu we've gone the flu shot route.

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Not as much now that you are in the thick of things but they aren't going to hurt and will help next time you feel something coming on.....

fresh garlic cloves... mince about half a teaspoonful, put on spoon with good quality honey and down. Honey helps it go down. Do this a few times a day. You might smell a bit for awhile😀

Elderberry syrup..... very very very easy to make a seasons supply much cheaper than you can find in stores. Google recipe. Take one tbs day (I break from it on weekends as it is an immune booster and there is wisdom behind not having our bodies at top alert constantly) and if you feel something coming on can take three or so times a day. Use throughout the flu season.

Echinacea tea, start drinking ask soon as your u feel something coming on but don't take for more than a week for the same reasons elderberry syrup needs a break.

As mentioned above, lots of zinc, vitamin c, good hot fluids, good foods. This is our winter regimen which we stick more closely to at some times than others but we rarely get hammered. And homemade chicken noodle soup😀

Hope you recover soon! No fun!

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