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Bookmooch - Can you help me find a book for me to mooch??


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I have often found a book I like at amazon.com and the went to see if it was available at BM. Can you work backwards that way? Maybe you have some saved on a wish list at amazon? There is a thing you can add to your toolbar so that when you find a book at amazon you can just hit this "mooch" button in your toolbar and it takes you directly to BM to tell you if they have it. (not sure where that's located at BM but prob not too hard to find)


Guess I'm not a huge help! lol I always just have to look and randomly hope I find something interesting. ;)

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Pride and Prejudice (always a nice read) and lots of copies available

PS I Love You I have not read this but it is on my short list

Marley and Me Laugh out Loud funny especially if you like dogs

Jane Austen Book Club (minor se*ual themes but not bad)

an Agatha Christie

most Jane Auten books are easy to fine on Bookmooch

A Wrinkle in Time

Life of Pi

A Tree Grow in Brooklyn

The Princess Bride

I tried to think I ones that would be available on Bookmooch

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