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Math programs that prepare for SAT/ACT

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We have been using Saxon math, but it does not have enough practice on new concepts for my daughter to "get it".   We are half way through Saxon Alg 1/2, and I am looking for a new math program for high school.  


I need something that will prepare her for the PSAT, SAT/ACT.  I am NOT math minded at all, so I need something that may have videos that will help me help her...   I have looked at MUS, but am hearing it is not up to par for college bound students. I have looked at Videotext Algebra and Geometry as well.  



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See the big pinned high school math thread: Homeschool High School Math  Find the program that fits your child best.  Then, no matter what math program you use, plan to include actual test prep/practice prior to the SAT/ACT.


From what you have posted, I would look for a mastery-organized program.  If you post more about your student, I'm sure you'll get further advice for what program might be a better fit than her current one.

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What kind of scores would you consider "doing well" for her on those tests?  That will help folks guide you bc some folks only consider a text as being good prep if there child scores in the 700s.  Others are fine will 550 or 600.


And make sure she uses Kahn Academy for prep. 


Ds and his best friend did well on the SATs (one got a 680, the other an 800) using Teaching Textbooks and Kahn Academy practice, but they had finished Pre-Calc.  The BF's sister got a 590 after TT Algebra 2, but she had never been super strong at math (and it was the old test, so not really comparable).


Have you considered using 8/7 with her?  Algebra 1/2 may move too fast.  Dd has successfully gone from 87 to Algebra 1 this year.

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