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Lukeion Latin 3 - end of semester

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I knew we should have started that support group.....


Anyone else have a student struggling with the end of this semester?  I am trying to get a reality check.  The homework assignments have been taking my dd a great deal of time.  I would say probably ten hours a week.  This final translation assignment has taken even more time.  Much more time.  I am facing the reality that it might not be wise to have dd continue for the second semester.  She is earning an A and has learned a great deal but her stress level and the sheer amount of time required has me concerned.  She is, and always has been, a student who will not be rushed.  All subjects take more time than I expect them to so this is no surprise.  But I fear that next semester's translations will continue to ramp up in length and difficulty and I am really not sure that dd can handle it.


Is there anyone there now (or in the past) that wants to chime in?  Is this just a really hard assignment or a precursor to what is to come?

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Yup! I almost feel bad that my kid is going through this. But in some ways she finds this easier than the forms that she had to memorize in Latin 1 and 2. We have every intention of her taking AP Latin at Lukeion next year, so we are planning accordingly. She will take fewer classes and the other AP class will be an easier one. We just hope that she goes to a college that will accept an AP Latin for foreign language. If not, she will have great study skills. After this, I think hard classes in college will seem easier and she still has me doing her laundry and cooking her food, things she will have to figure out herself in college with the hard classes. 

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My daughter thinks this week's was a "particularly hard assignment." I think she said they had 85 lines to translate for today. I asked her if she was sure she wanted to sign up for Latin 3B, and she is.  So, I just registered her.


I asked my sons how the second semester compares, and, as they recall, they don't think that it necessarily gets "harder" or more time intensive in the second semester than this semester, but neither does it get any easier or less time intensive. It's just plain tough all year long.

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Thanks for the replies.


She finally did finish the assignment.  It took forever.  I'm glad to hear that next semester is not necessarily more time-consuming.  Dd was worried that this was a sign of things to come.  


There are so many things to love about dd's experience in these classes.  She has developed great study skills and some serious grit. Dd really wants to finish up with AP Latin next year despite my deep reservations.  I know she will do well.  I just don't know that I can scrape up the necessary time slots if there is a significant chance that the time commitment will increase.


But I am grateful to know that other struggled with this assignment.  I would have had deeper concerns if dd were the only one who found it long and difficult.

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