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Thinking of dropping CC Essentials


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We just spent half the day on my daughter's paper. She is very comfortable with writing and I almost feel like the class is causing her to regress with trying to fit in all of the dress ups and spending so much time memorizing charts (aND to what end?). We're experiencing all of the same things that brought us out of public school In the first place. I was hoping for more time learning together as a family, more time for reading, exploring and loving life together. The social aspects of dropping the class are a non issue as the kids are mostly listening to tutor and not collaborating with each other. I loved doing w&r with her last year, and as time goes on I'm leaning more and more charlotte mason, but just not sure how to make the jump mid year or what to replace iew with. Just looking for some ideas or encouragement/btdt. What do you all think?

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re: dropping CC Essentials

If there's not enough there to benefit your family to keep going, then feel free to drop it -- though I know that's expensive since CC makes you pay for the full year up front and doesn't give refunds. Perhaps you can at least make use of your remaining time in CC by having your children focus on the social aspect/make friends and you work to get to know some of the families and network with them to set if there are any others there who might enjoy a more social-activity based gathering every other week -- do field trips together or a casual park/play day or do some holiday-themed project together or do some volunteer work in the community together...


Or, just make a complete break with CC, and over the holiday break, plan out an overview schedule that uses the extra from not doing CC to schedule in those things that are the reason you started homeschooling: read-alouds, an afternoon-long project of some sort, weekly Charlotte Mason-style artist/music/poetry appreciation, field trips and nature walks several times a month, explore your community and environs one day a month... Sounds lovely!



re: replacing IEW

Since Writing & Rhetoric went so well last year, could you just go with one of the next levels? Check out the sample pages to get a feel for which book would be the best fit for your DD -- sounds like she's doing well and could jump to book 5. Or, if she enjoys creative writing maybe go with book 3 and do that for the spring semester. Links to the W&R grade 3-6 books:

Book 2: Narrative 1 (gr. 3-4)

Book 3: Narrative 2 (gr. 4-5)

Book 4: Chreia & Proverb (gr. 4-5)

Book 5: Refutation & Confirmation (gr. 5-6)


If that doesn't work or sound appealing, let us know, and we'll work to brainstorm more ideas for you -- there are a ton of good Writing programs out there these days. :)

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I only have my kids do Foundations because I don't like the Essentials program. That has worked well for us. You are not required to do Essentials.


For writing, I use IEW DVD programs (with Mr. Pudewa teaching). That way I am in control of the assignments and when they are due so that writing doesn't take over our whole schedule.


For grammar, I use Rod and Staff English which is much better than what Essentials uses.


For drilling math facts, you can do that any number of ways.

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