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Educational Ipad Apps / Ipad Safety

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Hi Everyone,


I purchased a used ipad for my 3rd and 4th-grade kids.   I want to preload it with some stuff so they can play around with it on Christmas day.   Any suggestions?


Also, what specific settings do you set at home to keep your kids safe on an ipad.   (The whole internet is now at their fingertips!)   Any tips on monitoring or rules to set?




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I use OpenDNS, which protects all devices on our wifi from certain categories of websites. It's free and customizable. A warning, there is no good filter for YouTube, so I would either block the site or monitor closely.


All dragonbox apps are cool. The Lego Harry Potter game is cool but contains spoilers, motion math pizza is cool, duolingo, iStop Motion is so fun...

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OpenDNS is good for the WiFi.


You can turn off Safari and not install YouTube or Chrome or other internet apps. In Settings, there should also be some place where you can set age settings for content.


In Settings, General, I think, there is Restrictions. It's where you turn off Safari, and allow or block adding or deleting apps or in-app purchases. Ok, on my iPhone that's where you also set ages for content. Between those and OpenDNS, you should find that much badness is blocked, but test it out. If that's not enough, you can use Qustodio for filtering (I think their filters are free, and they're excellent). It uses a separate code from the log on code, so you can keep them from messing with it. (Helpful when toddlers grab it because they can delete apps lol.)


My kids like TapQuiz maps, Stack the Countries/States, Presidents vs. Aliens, SushiMonster (or whatever it's called -- they have it right now so I can't go check). The younger ones like StarFall, but that's a little young for your kids, although I think you have a younger one also (I'm on my phone).

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