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Thinkwell Geometry: do I need Holt book to supplement?

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We are starting Thinkwell Geometry in a few weeks. I've seen some posts on the forum that suggest it needs supplementation, while others say it doesn't. Would I need to supplement for a mathy student on an engineering/computer path? Would it be helpful to buy the Holt textbook to use as extra practice? If so, are there any solutions in the book or is there a solutions manual available? Are those in the One Stop Planner?

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Well-- if you had a Holt 2007 student text you would not need the Thinkwell recordings-- access codes are in the student text!

Dr Burger is the main author of this Holt text.


It is a pain to decide what to teach/assign (I use the Holt 2007 with my online classes)-- but I would not want to be without the One Stop Planner... those worksheets are awesome (and the tests/quizzes are nice too-- even though I make my own up most of the time now).

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