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2nd grade books

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My dd7 just finished one of the Reainbow Magic Weather Fairies books and really wants to read more. (I know that it is pure candy reading and that doesn't really bother me) My question is: Does it matter what order any of the books are read in? I was online this morning and there are like 12 series of seven books each. There seems to be an order within each series, but is there an order for the series, or does it totally not matter?

Also are they really "schooly"? I have tried to stay away from book that are all about school, since she doesn't go (like Junie B. Jones, all of those seem to be about what hapens at school)


Also, she got a Nancy Drew and the Clue Crew book. I saw that these are re-releases of the Nancy Drew Notebook books. Has anyone read these? Are the books redone (updated), or basically just reprinted with new covers and titles? I have never read Nancy Drew books (don't know why, I read everything else). Are they also considered twaddle? Are they any good?

(I know I could read her book upstairs in about an hour, I just want other opinions)

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I would say, yes, you should read them in order. The two characters are in search of something through each set of 7 books. Typically they build on each other. You can read them out of order, however it would be best in order.


Also, they are not schooly at all. They typically take place when the girls are on school vacation, so no school! Now, as far as the Nancy Drew. There are several versions now. The Clue Crew are written at an easier level. The originals are still the same. I "think" that the Notebooks and the Clue Crew are different. It seems that the Clue Crew are the simplest, then the Notebooks, then the originals.


Recently my dd has been into "graphic novels." There are Nancy Drew ones too! I know that these are "pure candy reading" however DD reads so much that something fun is great:lol:. I like to have her read a variety of books, whatever she is interested in.

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Although this isn't what you were asking, I would like to reccomend The Seven Year Old Wonder Book. There are some fairies and other such and it is just written in such a dreamy wonderful way. It is by Isabel Wyatt, I believe.

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