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BJU Online and DVD questions


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I've heard that they often do a sale in December with the online and DVD classes being on sale...is that correct?


If so, I'm hoping to get one of the science classes for my oldest. If I do this, what other materials do I need?


I know I'll need the textbook for her. I assume I need the activity guide as well? What about the test booklet?


And about the teacher manual.....I thought I read that they give you a downloadable copy of the manual if you purchase a class. I'm trying to decide if that will work for me or if I'll want an actual copy in my hands. Will I need the manual often?


This will be our first time trying one of these classes so I'd love advice!

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You will need the student book and activity book if you are doing the DLO. The teacher book/ answers are online, as well as any tests or quizzes they take. There are also PDFs you can download for some of the days extra worksheets.

You might miss out on a few student pages that they print and send you in the student pkg, but not enough to worry about.

My son is taking Science 5 and absolutely loves it and his teacher. She is really very good.

My daughter is taking the Biology course this year and it is intense. She is learning so much.

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You definitely need the textbook and activity guide for the student. For the science courses we have done, the text and activity workbook have been combined into a set.


I have never used the teacher's manual because I don't grade the class work but only check that it is completed. If you want to grade the daily assignments, then you can either use the online TM or buy a hard copy.


I do buy paper tests and the test answer guide because I like to have a hard copy of those. It gives me a record of the student's work for the year and gives me an overview of what my child is learning in the course. You don't need to buy the tests and quizzes, though, because they are all online.


i think (if I am recalling correctly) the course schedule and extra worksheets were included in the price of the course and were mailed to me after I signed up.


For some courses, you may want to buy supplies for the child to do his own labs. The labs are demonstrated on the videos, but one of my kids enjoyed doing some of them herself.


Essentially the only thing you really need to buy is the student text and activity workbook.

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When they have a sale for online courses, it is just the online access only. The DVD's are not on sale.  My high school student is doing a math course through the BJ online. I like giving the hard copy tests, rather than the online tests. I also have a TE. This helps me to see the step by step lines of the equations without going online. Our course came with a packet of student notes pages as well as a booklet schedule of assignments.


The access is only for 12 months. You do not get to pick a start date. Access for us runs Dec 2016-Dec2017. I just repurchased access to finish out the year for second semester so now we have access until Dec 2018. Paying $99 twice is still cheaper than their other sales.  For someone able to start a new course in January, this set up is ideal. We just operate on a more traditional schedule starting our coursed in late July or early August.

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